Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Damn I hate a thief!

What I was afraid might happen did.  I saddled Sis today and went up on the hill to collect my trail camera.  It's gone!  Both trail bike and ATV tracks up there.  Guess who ever found it didn't think I wanted it anymore.  Can't leave anything out in the woods these days, no matter how secluded you think the place might be. 


2 Tramps said...

A rotten thing to do! Either they had watched from a distance sometime or they were just lucky... So sorry this happened to you! We have been planning on buying a trail camera - this is a good warning for us to think about.

Gorges Smythe said...

Next time, hide a REALLY well-hidden SECOND camera covering an obvious first one! (IF you can afford them; I can't.)

Bob Mc said...

2 Tramps - A lesson learned, although a somewhat expensive one. Nothing is safe anymore, or so it seems. If I ever own another one, which is doubtful, I would think twice about setting it out anywhere except on private property.

Gorges - Neither can I.

Le Loup said...

Sons of a motherless goat! What a rotten thing to do. Takes all the fun out of it. I was looking forward to seeing more of these.
I would post something in the local paper, people talk! You never know your luck.
May their chickens turn into emus & kick their hen house down!
Regards, Keith.

Bob Mc said...

Keith – I love that reply. “May their chickens turn into emus & kick their hen house down!” I know what an emu is. Some people here used to raise them. One ugly bird! LMAO.

I’ve been spreading the word around. The neighborhood where I live is actually a hotbed of active and retired police officers of one kind or another. 1 active and 1 retired Highway Patrolman, and 1 active Deputy Sheriff. Used to have a retired Federal Marshal, but that’s another story. All of them have ATV’s which they ride up on the mountain for their own personal enjoyment. They will be keeping an eye out to see just who else makes a habit of riding up there. Another neighbor said she was going to post it on Craig’s List. In reality I think the chances of my ever seeing the trail cam again are slim to none, but it might give anyone with sticky fingers something to think about in the future.