Monday, July 23, 2012

Another chicken thief down.


I would have bet it was a coyote, but this is what came to the call.

This has been a bad year for my birds.  First it was a skunk that was stealing eggs right out from under a setting hen, then broke into the pigeon coop and killed 8 squabs and an adult bird.  Now a fox that was set on killing every chicken on the place.  Came pretty close to doing it too!  I have a hen setting on eggs, so hopefully she can raise some replacements. 


Casey said...

Hope you're able to replenish your stocks, Bob. I'm just getting some chickens and have to keep an eye on my own dogs...They're birdy, for sure.

Take care -

Bob Mc said...

Have some new ones just out of the nest Casey. Photo coming up.