Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The bee hives


A little over a month ago a neighbor at a ranch down the road set out some bee hives.  He recently told me that he is having bear trouble already.  The hives are surrounded by a wire fence with a strand of hot wire (electric) along the top.  Really not much of a deterrent to a determined bear, but I doubt there can be much honey stored away in those hives this soon.  But then I really don’t know an awfully lot about bees and their hives myself.  At any rate, I thought this might be a dandy spot for the trail cam.  I left it for a week as I have been doing, and picked it up this afternoon.  In that time the camera had only been tripped 3 times.  The only useable photo is this one of a deer on the outside of the wire fence.  There was another photo in which I couldn’t see anything, but the accompanying video shows a deer back in the deep shade.  It is so dark that I wouldn’t have seen it even then if it hadn’t moved.  No bears.  I may try there again at another time if I hear from the rancher that a bear has been back, but in the meantime I have other places in mind where I want to leave the camera.  

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Momlady said...

I look forward to your pictures.