Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still trying

Boy, this is a real hassle! This computer, or at least the browsers, don’t seem to like Blogspot at all. I have to use one browser to post to my blog, and another to read it. Sure hope I can find a solution.

Anyhow, here’s another video I took a little while back, this time from my channel on YouTube if the browsers will cooperate with me. Still trying different settings in the editing software, looking for the best resolution.


It's been a long hard fight with a short stick, but I'm finally getting up to speed with this new computer. The old laptop is history, and it's been a problem getting my old cameras up and running with this new machine. As expected, the photo editting program that came installed in the new computer is garbage. I was able to find one online that I can live with without spending a fortune. Getting my video camera hooked up was another matter.
The new computer came without a video capture card (firewire). It seems the newer cameras use a USB connection which my older camera doesn't have. I had to buy one seperately (firewire card) and get it installed with a little help. The computer came with a video editting program installed, but it is designed for the newer cameras and requires that USB connection. I'm experimenting with the editting program that came with the firewire card, and time will tell if I need to purchase a better one. At any rate, I'm trying different settings to ring the best possible resolution out of the equipment I presently own. I've come to the conclusion that the tack sharp videos that I see on YouTube must be taken with one of the newer HD cameras. I'm not ready to make that leap yet. So for better or worse, here is some video that I shot around one of my camps this past summer.