Friday, November 22, 2013

Coon troubles

A short time ago a critter began to make nightly visits to my tool shed where I keep dog food and grain.  The grain wasn't touched, but whatever it was had a real taste for dog food.  Although I hadn't seen a coon around here in years, that is what I suspected the visitor to be.  I keep the feed in metal garbage cans, but coons are pretty handy with their front paws and could get the lid off the can.  I have a live trap that I have used several times to catch skunks, but I had my doubts about it being large enough for a coon.  Imagine my surprise when I caught not 1, but 2 youngsters.  The video is pretty much self explanatory.

Since catching and transplanting these guys, I have continued to set the trap every night.  Mama coon still comes around every night, but the trap is obviously to small to catch her.  I recently ordered a new trail cam to replace the one that was stolen awhile back.  I'll try to get some still photos and video of big Mama before I cut off the food supply.  I put a heavy concrete block on top of the lid of the dog food can, and that has her locked out.  The only treats she is getting here now is the bait she is stealing from the trap.  Once that is cut off I imagine she will quit coming around.   


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