Sunday, October 07, 2012

Backyard visitor

Backyard visitor

A doe and her fawn have become almost daily visitors to my back yard.  There is another doe with twin fawns in the area, but I haven't seen them lately.  A neighbor tells me they are up at his place.  Here the little guy (or gal) is eating what is left of some zucchini plants left from this summer's garden.


Momlady said...

I have a small group of moms and young ones that come by almost every day. I love watching them.

Bob Mc said...

Hi Momlady. I like to see the deer around, but they can be a problem too. Between the deer and the ground squirrels, they will eat anything that isn’t nailed down. Anything I plant in the garden has to be protected by wire of some sort. The tomatoes and zucchini were protected by an old tire and a chicken wire cone around each plant. Even so, they ate the tops of the plants off where they grew above the wire. Lettuce and radishes were in planters inside old wire rabbit cages; and so on. It’s nice to have the wildlife around, but there is a price to pay.

Le Loup said...


Casey said...

Still seeing a few around here with spots on 'em. Nice photo, btw.

Take care -

Julie Hargreaves said...

Nice photos

John Wooldridge said...

Hey Bob,
Nice to be catching up on your adventures once more....John