Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun with a fox

I went out to play with a predator call yesterday.  Actually it was the 4th time this week.  Deer/bear season opens this weekend, and I wanted a little woods time ahead of the hunters.  The first 3 times I couldn't call in so much as a blue jay, but the 4th time was a charm.

Sorry about the jiggles, but I hardly had time to get set up before Bear saw it and spooked it off.  The funny part of the whole deal was the fox wouldn't leave.  Gray fox can be that way.  Once they are convinced there is a rabbit there somewhere they hate to give up on it.  This fox stayed back in the trees where I couldn't get the camera on it again and barked at me.  As long as I continued to call the fox continued to bark at me.  I tried being quiet for awhile, and the fox was quiet.  As soon as I tried to call it back again it would bark at me.  This went on for quite awhile until I conceded it was a stand off.  At least I know he's still out there, and I'll probably call him again sometime.   

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