Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Still trying

Boy, this is a real hassle! This computer, or at least the browsers, don’t seem to like Blogspot at all. I have to use one browser to post to my blog, and another to read it. Sure hope I can find a solution.

Anyhow, here’s another video I took a little while back, this time from my channel on YouTube if the browsers will cooperate with me. Still trying different settings in the editing software, looking for the best resolution.


Le Loup said...

Young ones are always fun to watch. We have to get some new chooks.

Bob Mc said...

I like having chickens and pigeons around; not only for the eggs and meat they provide, but for the entertainment too. They are fun to watch.

Casey said...

It's inspiring, Bob! I'm soon to get some layers as the city council FINALLY gave us approval.

Bob Mc said...

I'm surprised Casey. I thought you lived far enough out that chickens wouldn't be a problem. I'm further surprised at some of the places were it is legal to keep chickens. Not long ago I discovered that San Francisco is just 1 of the major cities where people can keep chickens. No roosters though; just hens.