Friday, June 04, 2010

Creek's up!

We had light rain most of the day yesterday, then it got serious last night and really poured. Still cloudy today, but warm. The creek that runs through my property is running swift and muddy, which means snow is melting in the high country. Shouldn’t be to much longer, and it will be worth hauling my mare up to a trailhead.

I made a quick run into town today, and on the way back home I happened to see a buck with new antlers about 3 inches long, standing along side another creek in a patch of yellow wild mustard. I had a camera in the glove box of the pickup, and it would have made a dandy picture. The buck would have none of it though. He saw the truck stop and back up, and he moved off before I could get the camera out. One of those picture postcard scenes though.


Le Loup said...

Good to see running water. We have had some rain, and the tanks are full, but the creek is only just over the causway.

grimbo said...

i wish i had that much water near

Bob Mc said...

Believe me, it isn’t always like this. In fact we are coming out of several years of drought. Some of the major reservoirs down south have resembled mud puddles more than lakes. Although I didn’t actually have much snow here at home this winter, we have been blessed with way above average snow pack and water content in the high country. When it melts, it has to go somewhere, and from what I hear the reservoirs are all full or nearly so. Farmers are happy. Now if we can just get some sunshine to make the crops grow.

Diane-Sage said...

Hi Bob...first thank you for stopping by and commenting. I am enjoying reading your posts and I don't want to miss any so I am "following" you.
I located on the ridge (Paradise) here in N California and we too had lots of rain and needed it too!
Have a good evening eh?

Bob Mc said...

Diane-Sage, welcome. Hope you enjoy the reading. I know where Paradise is. Was there quite a few years ago, looking for a place to move to before I settled up here. I'm considerably farther north of you in Siskiyou County. If all goes according to plan I'll be hauling a horse up to a trailhead tomorrow. I have no idea how far I might get up the trail. Snowpack and high water in the creeks might determine that.