Friday, May 14, 2010


As usual, the seasons tend to change almost over night around here. Yesterday morning the thermometer on my front porch read 40 degrees F. By mid afternoon it was 78. After lunch I saddled Sis, took Bear and Chigger along, and went for a little ride on the mountain behind my house. Old Sadie wanted to go too, but she is 14 years old and just can’t make it anymore. She still has all of her teeth, sort of surprising at her age, but she has cataracts in both eyes and doesn’t see well. She tires quickly, and a short walk is about all she is up to anymore.

I’m far enough along with spring chores now that I can take a day off to play now and then. As warm as it was, the dogs stayed pretty close instead of ranging out hunting. I wanted to check out an old logging trail to see if it was still open, or at least passable. It is getting pretty overgrown with young trees and brush, and there were several down trees, but by making a few detours through the timber we made it through. I stopped in a clear spot to snap this picture of the mountain valley where I live. This is the kind of scenery I get to look at every day.

View from the ridge.

Today I will run a rototiller over a garden spot. I don’t intend to plant much of a garden this year, but I may put a few things in the ground just to see how they do with minimum care. If things go according to plan, I don’t expect to be around much this summer. The mountains are calling, and I’d rather be camped somewhere than scratching in the ground.


Leigh said...

I am so envious of your view! Very beautiful picture! Cant wait to hear of your summer trips in the mountains.

Bob Mc said...

Hi Leigh. Stay tuned. It will be awhile before the trails open up, and I can't make the long rides that I used to, but I fully intend to spend all the time I can in the mountains this year. I made a trip to town today and the river is up, which means snow is melting in the high country. Thanks for stopping by.

Murphyfish said...

Hi Bob,
It would be nice to wake up to views like that everyday, i'm a tad jealous if the truth be told; it's just the type of countryside that I love. Those mountains do have a strong call to the soul don't they?

Bob Mc said...

Hi John. Yes the mountains are calling to me loud and clear, but it will be awhile before I can get into the high country. Results of the May 1st snow survey are in, and the snow pack and water content are both way above normal. Simply put, there's a heck of a lot of snow up there! It all came so late in the season that most of it is still there. I'll have to content myself to rides behind the house for awhile longer.