Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The other side of the mountain.

I made an extended shopping run to a town on the other side of the mountain yesterday, which always results in a very long day. I don’t do it any more often than necessary, but there are times when it simply can’t be avoided. While over there I stopped to take this picture.

Of course this is Mount Shasta, taken from just off Interstate 5 south of Yreka. The mountain is over 14,000 feet tall and dominates the landscape over there. In the summer months hikers and climbers come from all over to have a go at the mountain, but there are always a few who just have to try it in the winter. Injuries and rescues are common place, and unfortunately fatalities are far from unknown; including one just last month.


Le Loup said...

Beautiful scenery Bob. I understand very well the need that some people have for adventure and challenge, but one also needs to know ones limitations. You must know when to say no, enough. I think life is too precious to risk when the odds are against you.

Bob Mc said...

That mountain is pretty to look at, but I never figured I lost anything up there. At my age I'm not going to go find out! LOL. From what I've been told, it isn't to bad of a trip for an experienced hiker in the summertime. Winter is a whole 'nuther kettle of fish. Thanks for dropping by.

Leigh said...

Wow, now that is beautiful! Great pic Bob!

Bob Mc said...

Thanks Leigh. Lots of great scenery here that rivals anything in the Sierra. Most of it isn't as high, but it sure is steep! Thanks for reading.