Thursday, January 21, 2010

Storm report

I suppose everyone who watches or listens to the news has heard about the storms hitting California. You know the old saying, “When it rains it pours”. From a 3 year drought to floods. Locally it’s been no big deal. We’ve had some much needed and welcome rain, and some but not enough snow in the mountains. One doesn’t have to travel far from here to get a much different picture.

Not far south from here the towns of Weed and Mount Shasta City are virtually snowed in. Interstate 5 was closed yesterday due to blizzard conditions in the Mount Shasta Area, and heavy truck traffic was held back as far south as Redding. Only limited traffic getting through today. All I know about southern California is what I hear on the news, the same as everyone else. Heavy rain, high winds, down trees, and power outages.

More stormy weather is predicted over the next several days, but apparently the worst is over. It was clear and icy here this morning, but starting to sprinkle some this afternoon. There is nowhere I need to go, and I’m snug and dry in a house with a couple of Airedales curled up near the woodstove and heater.

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