Friday, December 25, 2009

Puppy update

Chigger and Bear in one of Chigger’s calmer moments. These pictures were taken yesterday (Christmas Eve).

Chigger and Bear

Chigger and Bear 2

Chigger continues to grow, but he hasn’t outgrown his puppy foolishness by a long shot. He torments his Uncle Bear something awful. Bear puts up with it, at least most of the time, although he has sent the pup rolling a couple of times. Old Sadie still won’t have anything to do with him, and Chigger knows better than to push his luck by pestering her.

There is a formula that says if you weigh a pup at 4 months old, then double the weight, you will be pretty close to the expected adult weight. The only way I have of weighing a pup is to pick it up and stand on a bathroom scale. Then put the pup down and weigh myself. Subtract my weight to get the weight of the pup. When I weighed Chigger he was actually 4.5 months old, but that should be pretty close. He weighed in at 40 pounds. If the formula holds true, he should be right up there with Bear when fully grown. Bear is a guesstimated 75 - 80 pounds. I wouldn’t attempt to pick him up and weigh him as I do a puppy. I’d throw my back out and be laid up for a month!

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