Thursday, August 21, 2014

Peach eaters


My peach tree has been a disaster this year.  It was originally supposed to be a dwarf tree, but the top of the tree shot up as high as the roof on my house.  I realize now that I should have cut that top of the tree off, but at the time I thought it was a good thing.  I reasoned that any peaches on that part of the tree would be well out of reach of any deer, but I hadn't counted on a bumper crop.  It couldn't support the weight and broke off!  The neighborhood deer quickly found it and began eating the green fruit.  Since green peaches won't ripen like tomatoes, I thought of another use for them.  Bait!  I picked up the peaches and dumped them in a pile at the edge of the yard and set up a trail cam to watch over them.

I first set the camera to take video, and it came up with a bunch of blanks.  I think the chip for the camera, where it stores video and still photos, must have become damaged in some way.  I need to pick up a new one, but in the mean time I reset the camera to take still shots and put it back out there before the deer finished up what was left of the peaches.  It worked, and I got several photos of the raiders.  Many are unusable, such as the south end of a north bound deer.  The 2 shown here are the best of the bunch.

This ghostly image is a night time shot of a spike buck that is a regular visitor here; taken by the camera using infa red technology.  In all I have seen 2 does with fawns, this spike buck, and a forked horn buck that I have only seen once.  That would be the little spike buck that was around here last year.  The pile of green peaches is gone now so this is probably all I am going to get.  Fortunately there are still peaches getting ripe on the tree that I will get to eat myself.

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Momlady said...

Well at least you'll get some peaches. I never did get any nectarines of my tree. The tree rats got them all.