Thursday, January 26, 2012

First snow - 2012

We’ve had a couple of dustings of snow, maybe an inch on the ground, but this was the first significant snow of the season.  This video is a couple of days old, and most of the snow is gone already.  At least here around the house.  It’s unseasonably warm now and we’ve had some sprinkles of rain.  I’m afraid it hasn’t helped our snow pack much.  The melting snow is going right down the river.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about high definition video it’s that the files that are produced are huge!  To large to upload a clip of any great length to a hosting site; at least not at my connection speed.  For instance, this video is just over 5 minutes long, and at high definition the file is over 600 mbs.  I have DSL, but not the high speed version.  Upload time would have been over 2 hours!  I had to keep playing with it, reducing the resolution little by little, until I came up with a file of a manageable size.  The original is fantastic here on my monitor, but unfortunately you can’t see what I see. 


Casey said...

Thanks for the glimpse into where you call home, Bob. Beautiful country. I would say you're getting the video editing down pretty good. A lot better than I have managed, but a camera upgrade is coming shortly, along with software hopefully.

Take care!

Casey said...

I meant to add that I really wish I had a creek running out behind my house! Listening to the babbling of brooks is one of my favorite pastimes.

Bob Mc said...

I'm not happy with it yet Casey. Going out to play for awhile today, and I'll try to shoot a little more video to experiment with.