Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm back.....

If anyone wonders where I’ve been, or why I haven’t been posting much lately, I have a couple of pretty fair excuses. I have a very sick computer here that needs to be replaced. Besides some other serious problems, despite running 2 different editing programs I am unable to edit or upload any video. Also, I was away and camped in the mountains for awhile. I shot some video while away, but am unable to do anything with it until a new computer finds its way to my desk. That will have to wait a little longer. The mountains are still calling.

I did manage to grab some still shots from the video using a feature of PhotoBucket. The quality isn’t to great, but it’s the best I can do for now.



At the time I shot this video, I thought all of these deer were does. It wasn't until I played the video back that I realized this one is a little buck.


That's the best I can do with what I've got. If this computer doesn't die completely I can still get online and read some blogs, send and receive e-mail, etc. If I disappear again for what seems an undue length of time, either the computer went belly up or I am in the mountain; or both.


Momlady said...

Great photos! Enjoy the mountain while you can. Hope you have luck getting a new computer. Have missed you.

Casey said...

It's great to hear from you, Bob, but if you go missing again, at least I will completely understand. I've had the computer problems, but wish I had the mountain problem!

Thanks for sharing the pics!

Take care -

Bob Mc said...

I may come and go for a little while. Right now I am trying to catch up on things that piled up while I was away. Where I was camped the weather was cloudy, cool, and damp, with one really rainy day. Now that I am back home the temps are in the mid 90's. I suppose that when I go back to the mountains the weather will turn sour again. That's the kind of summer we have been having.