Saturday, November 27, 2010

In case there is any doubt....

Ready or not, winter is here. I woke up this morning to 8 inches of new snow on the ground. Heavy wet stuff, the kind we usually get here. At least that means warmer temperatures. It has been unseasonably cold lately for so early in the season; breaking records in fact.

It hasn’t been very long ago since I posted a photo of a few deer in the field behind my house. This is what that same field looks like now.

Snow field

My pigeons come out of their loft for a short time in the afternoon. I can’t chase them out of there in the morning.

Snow birds

We had a little excitement in the neighborhood yesterday. A 2 story house on the hill across the road from me burned to the ground. Fortunately it was unoccupied. I don’t know the people who lived there, but I learned today that the house was for sale and vacant. Our fire department has a poor record of putting out house fires out here in the country. They usually arrive in time to save the foundation.


Anonymous said...

Definitely winter time for sure. We got a bunch up my way in Eastern Idaho too!

HermitJim said...

That's how I like my a picture!

I'm just NOT a snow and cold weather type of guy, I'm afraid!

It is pretty in the pics though!

Leigh said...

Brrr{{{{ all that snow sent a shiver down my spine! Stay warm and toasty.

Bob Mc said...

Hey Mel, I just looked at the photos on your blog. Looks like you got the same thing up there. 22F here this morning and everything is frozen down tight. Ice everywhere.

I forgot to mention that the power was off for 3 hours yesterday morning too. It's such a common occurrence it barely deserves mention. That's why I have a wood stove. Made coffee and cooked breakfast on the wood burner and hardly missed a beat.

Le Loup said...

No snow here yet, and xmas not far away. I live in hope!!!

Bob Mc said...

Keith, for some reason I never think of Australia and snow at the same time, even though I know it does snow there at least sometimes and in some places. After all, the Snowy Mountains got their name from something.

Wolfy said...

Rumor has it that our first snow is coming this week to Illinois. Ice on the small ponds already, so it's time.


Gorges Smythe said...

"They usually arrive in time to save the foundation." - Great line!

Like your photos.

Diane-Sage Whiteowl said...

No snow at my place but just 5 miles from here they got a few inches...but it is all gone now.
LOVE the pigeons, they are beautiful.
We had a major forest fire in 2008 destroyed homes land and all the buildings on our property but the one I am in. It was really bad...made national news.