Friday, October 08, 2010

A near miss

It was cloudy and cool this morning, so I took a dog along and hiked to one of my favorite spots to set up a calling stand. Had the video camera on a tripod, and before I even started to call Bear was telling me there was something down the hill in the timber. I called just a couple of minutes with an open reed mouth blown call, and Bear really got excited. Took me a few seconds to see it, but it was down the hill right in front of me, standing just at the tree line. A coyote or fox, I couldn’t be sure which, but I think a coyote. I thought I had it in the view finder when I hit the GO button, but I must have jarred the camera out of position. Bear couldn’t stand it any longer, and he started to bark. Whatever the critter was, it ducked back into cover and out of sight. I let Bear go for a little exercise anyway. When I rolled the tape back, all I had was a shot of the hillside. $%^&! Oh well, you win some and lose some. Better luck next time.


Leigh said...

Lol! Aye the luck!?!? My boys make it very hard on me to sneak up on the turkeys in the field... drives me bonkers!

Bob Mc said...

Hi Leigh. I recently saw some turkeys up the mountain behind my place, where I had never seen them before. Once a lone gobbler, and another time a half dozen hens. There are a few birds that hang around some houses on the hill behind me where people feed them; but they never seem to range out. Guess they know a good thing when they have it. LOL. Glad to see some birds making their way up the mountain.

Here is a link to some footage I shot on a private ranch awhile back. Some hens and half grown chicks feeding on grasshoppers.

Perkunas said...

Hey Bob,

This comment is nonrelated to this article of yours,sorry,nbut i thought id throw this in anyway :).

i just noticed and published your comment on my blog,thanks for that.

then i had to jump here to see your articles an i have say that i like it,as theres loads of outdoors pictures too,which i like a lot,as it shows the man is truly outdoorsman.

You seem to think like me about making gifts and that its not commercial happening. And what you say.."If buying for myself, I want something made to last; not a cheap imitation from Walmart. Only makes sense in the long run." juts like i think and something i tried to say in the article above but due to my english skills,i coudnt say it in such few words :).

I tried to point that same thing out when i said that you shouldnt buy any useless junk that is just a waste of resources.

Bob Mc said...

Hi Perkunas. Glad you enjoy the blog. Nothing wrong with your English; you get your point across. I just read your latest blog entry. I'll be facing that again soon myself. Old Sadie is fast approaching 15 years old. Just a shadow of her old self, and can't do any of the things she used to do. Just living out her retirement here. She'll be missed.

Perkunas said...

Yeah, my old dog turned into a shadow too,he used to have good sight,nose and hearing,had fast paws andall and then all the sudden it was like he ran out of his batteries.It sucks to see it happen.Not that its dogs fault in any case but you cant avoid feeling helpless when it strikes.