Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hard to believe!

According to our local gossip sheet and the Forest Service, our snow pack is 146 percent of normal, and the water content is 129 percent of normal. This is in the mountains at the south end of the valley, where they normally take the measurements at 5 different locations. More is expected before the end of the season. You could have fooled me! I haven’t had more than an inch or so of snow on the ground at any one time all winter, and darn few times at that. From where I’m sitting there isn’t enough snow on the mountain behind my house to mention.

We’ve had some beautiful weather lately, at least in the afternoon. Got my mare up and brushed her the other day. Yesterday I saddled her and climbed aboard just to see if I still could. I had in mind hitching the horse trailer to the truck and leaving it that way for awhile in anticipation of doing some riding. Now they say the rain or snow is coming back, starting tonight and tomorrow, and continuing off and on all week. Hard to believe. There isn’t a cloud in the sky this evening.

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