Monday, November 09, 2009

Meet Chigger

If anyone has been wondering where I’ve been, I’ve been right here. It was my computer that was sick and spent over 3 weeks in the hospital. It’s all better now and I’m just beginning to catch up.

The only major event to take place while I’ve been off line is the addition of a new puppy; another Airedale of course.


Chigger on lawn

This is Chigger, grandson of my old Kelly. I knew from the first day that I heard about this litter that I would have to have a male from it. He is a little live wire, and has been keeping me busy, but puppies are fun to watch as they discover their world.

Chigger investigating the chickens:

Chigger and chickens

Soon after this photo was taken, he caught 3 of the birds in less than 5 minutes. He got a mouthful of feathers from each one and looked like he had grown a beard. Got his little butt paddled for it, and so far that is the only time I have had to lay a rough hand on him. He didn’t like it much, and although he obviously still has an interest in the chickens a sharp “NO” is all that is necessary to stop him.

Chigger discovers Sis:

Chigger discovers Sis

It’s a good thing my mare is good with dogs and puppies. A mule would have killed him by now! They don’t take kindly to puppies who snap at their heels and pull on their tails. Lots of horses wouldn’t tolerate it either.

Old Sadie will turn 14 years old next month, and she hates puppies almost as much as she hates other females. She is doing her best to ignore the new pup. His Uncle Bear will play with him some, but I can see that he is getting tired of being a chew toy. Those puppy teeth are sharp, and nothing is sacred. It’s the old story, “If you want it, keep it out of reach”. He will tear up anything he can get hold of! He is growing like the proverbial weed. He’s been here less than 3 weeks, and I’ve already let his collar out 3 notches.

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