Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Personal photos from a calling trip.

A few days ago I made a predator calling trip with a good friend to the high country east of here. This is really John’s hunting territory, and I’m not that familiar with it. The object of the trip was to try to call some coyotes to the video camera, and the cooler temperatures of the high country seemed a lot more appealing than the hot summer weather we have been having here in the valley.
As it turned out either the coyotes weren’t in the area or they didn’t want to play the game. We set up 4 calling stands in the same area where we had called 7 coyotes in a single day last fall, but with zero response this time. That’s the way it goes sometimes. Unknown to me at the time, John took a couple of still photos of me, and I will include them here. One is a photo of me on a stand overlooking a large meadow that we hoped to call a coyote across. The other is a photo of me setting the camera up on a calling stand. The dog with me is old Sadie, 11 year old Airedale Terrier.

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